Solaris Above Ground Pools

By far one of our most popular models, Solaris Above Ground Pools offer beauty and style combined with affordability that is hard to match. This pretty above ground swimming pool would be the perfect addition to any backyard get away

Solaris Above Ground Pookls





Size Regular Credit Card Prices Your E-Check Price
12ft x 52in Round 1729.99



15ft x 52in Round 199.99



18ft x 52in Round 2199.99



21ft x 52in Round 2499.99



24ft x 52in Round 2899.99



27ft x 52in Round 3499.99



30ft x 52in Round 3699.99



33ft x 52in Round 2899.99



Buttressed Ovals    
12ft x 18ft x 52in Oval 2649.99



12ft x 24ft x 52in Oval 3199.99



16ft x 26ft x 52in Oval 3699.99 $3399.99
16ft x 32ft x 52in Oval 4199.99 $3849.99
18ft x 33ft x 52in Oval 4499.99 $4199.99
18ft x 38ft x 52in Oval 5099.99 $4649.99
18ft x 44ft x 52in Oval 5899.99 $5299.99
Braceless Oval    
10ft x 16ft x 52in Oval 3049.99 $2749.99
10ft x 21ft x 52in Oval 4069.99 $3649.99
12ft x 18ft x 52in Oval 3199.99 $2899.99
12ft x 24ft x 52in Oval 4299.99 $3899.99
16ft x 26ft x 52in Oval 4799.99 $4299.99
16ft x 32ft x 52in Oval 5999.99 $5399.99
18ft x 33ft x 52in Oval 6049.99 $5499.99
18ft x 38ft x 52in Oval 7199.99 $6499.99
18ft x 44ft x 52in Oval 8299.99 $7499.99

If you will not be installing this yourself


Above Ground Pool Features

6In Top Extrude Steel Ledge
6in Top Track
2pc Resin Molded Top Caps
6in Posts
6in Resin Bottom Track
Cognac Polyester coating with Clear Krystal Kote
3/25 year prorated warranty
Our sub-frame features double rolled steel tracks, coupled with large, heavy gauge connectors and oversize hardware. This rigid perimeter integrates the frame and wall, creating a sturdy, unified structure.
With the addition of a colorful pool liner, you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a superior pool designed to give you years of carefree operation.

If you can use a screwdriver, you can assemble a above ground pool. We’ve made installation easier—no multi-sized washers or nuts to worry about. Just one large screw type is utilized to assemble all the pool elements. Plus, we provide you with step-by-step instructions to help even the least mechanically inclined pool owner.

Above Ground Pools Description

Lasting memories start with splashy giggles and delighted laughter as your children soak up countless hours of healthy fun. You’ve transformed the backyard into a little piece of paradise, for you and your family. And after a long working day, what could be more inviting for parents than coming home to your own pool and letting the day’s tensions just wash away. From playful family fun to a romantic moonlight dip for mom and dad, a Cornelius pool offers a whole new world of rejuvenating pleasure.
Our critical commitment to quality starts with the materials we use and the state-of-the-art manufacturing we employ. There are three integral components—the wall, frame and sub-frame—that form the solid backbone of the pool.
We begin with a heavy gauge 52″ steel wall, which is hot-dip galvanized and provided with additional weather protection through the application of a polyester “Weatherizer” paint coating. Over this layer we apply an attractive wall patterning. This is then topped with our tough “Krystal Kote®” coating, sealing off weather elements and pool chemicals.
The cognac colored pool frame consists of 6-inch steel ledges and posts—both protected with polyester paint and clear “Krystal Kote®” topcoat—and three-piece resin caps. All firmly locked together, to form a strong structural support.

The 52inch Solaris pool is available in a variety of round and A-Brace or NBS II oval sizes to best suit your yard lay-out. The complete selection of liners are available in standard and optional expandable deep swimming area configurations

Dogs Love Our Pools, Especially this 21ft x 41ft Dock Diving Pool

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The Veteran Swimmers are encouraging Maggi to join in!

Legacy Pools Stand Up to Anything, No need for ramps, no concern for dog claws, just have fun!


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Blue, Pink, White Dog Bone Shaped Pools

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dboneLarge Heavy duty Blue Bone Shaped Play Pool for Dogs.
Continental U.S. shipping included.

  • Made with Truckbed Liner Material
  • Brass cap and drain for easy draining
  • Stays cool in the summer time
  • Chew and UV Resistant
  • 11″x44″x66″
  • Holds 85 gallons of water to the top
  • Built to Last


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Dog Pools Price List

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We have seriously gone to the dogs,  If you want a pampered pooch, or would like to see your dog soaring to new heights,  and Above ground portable pool for dogs is for you!

Size Family Dog Pool Dog Daycare Dog Therapy Pools
  Filter System 
for 1-3 Dogs Complete Dog Package
Filter System For MULTIPLE dogs, as many as you can fit in the pool. plus complete dog package Filter System for 1-3 dogs at a time, full dog package plus heater
8ft x 52in Round 2099.99    2299.99     3299.99   
12ft x 52in Round 2699.99    2899.99    3899.99   
16ft x 52in Round 2999.99    3299.99    4299.99   
17ft x 52in Round 2599.99     2699.99    3699.99   
20ft x 52in Round 3499.99    3899.99    4699.99   
21ftx 52in Round 2799.99    3199.99     3899.99    
24ft x 52in Round 4599.99    4799.99    6399.99   
31ft x 52in Round 5499.99    5899.99     6699.99   
5ft x10ft x 52in Rectangle 2699.99     2899.99    3899.99   
6ft x 10ft x 39in Rectangle 1999.99    2199.99    3199.99   
6ft x 10ft x 48in Rectangle 2069.99    2269.99    3269.99    
6ft x 13ft x 39in Rectangle 2289.99     2489.99     3489.99   
6ft x 13ft x 48in Rectangle 2589.99    2589.99     3589.99   
9ft x 17ft x 48in Rectangle 2999.99    3199.99    4199.99   
9ft x 17ft x 52in Rectangle 3999.99    4299.99    5299.99    
10ft x 18ft x 48in Rectangle 2499.99 2699.99 3699.99
10ft x 18ft x 52in Rectangle 4099.99    4399.99    5399.99    
10ft x 19ft x 52in Oval 3999.99    4199.99    5199.99   
13ft x 21ft x 48in Rectangle 3699.99    3899.99    4899.99   
13ft x 21ft x 52in Rectangle 4499.99    4699.99    5699.99   
13ft x 25ft x 48 Rectangle 3999.99    4299.99    5299.99   
13ft x 25ft x 52in Rectangle 4999.99    5199.99    6199.99   
14ft x 22ft x 52in Rectangle 4499.99    4699.99    5699.99   
14ft x  23ft x 52in Oval 4499.99    4699.99    5699.99   
14ft x 26ft x 52in Rectangle 4999.99    5199.99    6699.99   
14ft x 27ft x 52in Oval 4999.99    5199.99     6199.99   
17ft x 25ft x 48in Rectangle 4999.99    5199.99    6999.99   
17ft x 29ft x 52in Rectangle 5999.99    6199.99    7799.99   
18ft x 30ft x 52in Rectangle 6299.99    6499.99    7999.99   
Dock Dog Sizes      
21ft x 41ft x 52in Rectangle 7999.99    8299.99    9799.99   
21ft x 48ft x 52in Rectangle 9999.99    10199.99  11999.99 

We Have Many different styles Of Above Ground Pools 4 Dogs



The Labrador Ranch  ordered a multiple depth Legacy Pool and put it in the ground, then built a deck, saved thousands over an in-ground pool!


The Labrador Ranch  ordered a multiple depth Legacy Pool and put it in the ground, then built a deck, saved thousands over an in-ground pool!




 Dog Pools

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