Scooter Ramp- Pet Safety Ramp

Swimming pools are dog gone fun, So let the dogs have their day with a Scooter Ramp pool ramp!

Not Sold Outside of Dog Pool Packages

Portable Pools

For In Ground, Above Ground and Portable Pools

Scooter Ramp


Portable Pools


  • Provides animals with a way out of their water entrapment on their own
  • Made of strong, lightweight, box-corrugated, ribbed polypropylene plastic
  • Scooter-Ramp® provides all animals–dogs, cats, ferrets, as well as “critters”–with way to get out of their water entrapment even when no people are around
  • If desired, simply “flip it out” when the pool is in use, and flip it in to safeguard your pet when you leave the pool area
  • Deck and assembly hardware included
  • Made in N. America with pride!
  • No more morning surprises
  • Durable, strong, affordable, lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • 2 year warranty against product manufacturer defect (this does not include problems due to improper installation)
  • Any missing assembly parts supplied upon request.  Component bags are filled by the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Center.  Everyone is human, so once in a while nuts, bolts, etc are miscounted!
  • Safe for vinyl lined pools 

Portable Pools

lightweight ramp, pet safetyRamp Assembly (Figure A)

Push in the two tabs on each of the ramp “wings.”

b. Attach the support braces to the wing tabs by inserting the nylon bolts through the holes and securing them on the underside of the ramp with a nylon nut .

c. Finish attaching the wing brace-strips by securing the middle portion (two holes per brace) with the bolts and nuts. Again, the nuts should be on the underside of the ramp.


Attach D-Ring Clip to Deck
Hardware for attaching the D-ring-clips to the pool deck HAS NOT been supplied due to the wide variety of deck types and materials. Please consult with your local hardware store or pool service company to make the appropriate selection.

easy to assemble, durable, ramp

There is no single right way; however, we suggest that you:

a. Find a spot visible from all parts of the pool, with minimal deck traffic and activity.

b. Install the D-ring-clips, flat side down, approximately 3-6″ from the pool edge, and approximately 8″ apart.

Attach Ramp to D-Rings (Figure B)

a. Run a rope end through the mounted D-Ring
and pull/position the ramp snug to the wall with about 3-5” of the nose end under the recommended level of water (see Positioning the Ramp).

b. Thread the rope through one of the nylon washers up to the D-ring opening and place a simple knot behind it. The washer keeps the knot from pulling through the D-ring.

For Pools with Deep Coping, Overhangs, Vinyl Liners, or Return Edges
drowning, protection, boats

  1. Before installing, rethread the rope to run through the ¼” holes located under logo, about 3 ½“ below the normal mounting holes. (Figure C)
  2. Ensure that both sides of the mounting rope are even. Tie a simple knot at each side of the ramp to prevent the ramp from shifting when in use.
  3. -Proceed with regular instructions. Be sure the ramp end fits snuggly under the coping.

Note: For vinyl lined pools– to prevent wear on liner, adhere an extra layer of vinyl on pool where ramp will be installed and/or tape the edges of the ramp with vinyl repair tape.

Positioning the Ramp
Tighten the mounting ropes until the wing end swings against the pool wall, so the nose end is 3-5” below the waterline and the ramp is at an angle that is approximately
30° below horizontal. Check tightness of the mounting rope by pressing firmly down on the ramp near the wall. It should not deflect downward more that 2 to 4 inches.

Your Scooter-Ramp is now installed! Keep in mind that it can be flipped out of the pool when you are swimming. Just remember to flip it back in once you are out for the day.


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