Ion Water Purifier

Copper Silver Ion Pool Sanitizer. have a pool that is 94% chemical free with this handy automatic system

Copper Silver Ion Pool Sanitizer

The System Is Tiny But Powerful, Here it is attached to a pump

Ion Water Sanitizers


Why Ionization?

Copper and silver ionization has been used for centuries. Egyptians used copper and silver containers to control bacteria in their water. Pioneers used coins in their water to keep their water fresh. It was apparent this worked, but on one really knew why.

What Does an Ionizer Do?

Now this ancient innovation is harnessed in the advanced technology of the ioniser. The copper/silver component destroys algae and kills bacteria proving to be an effective means to maintaining superior water quality.

Applications include: swimming pools, spas, water features, fountains, ponds and cooling towers.

How Does it Work?

A low voltage electric charge across two metal bars is used to emit copper and silver ions into the water.

Copper has the ability to pierce the protective outer membrane of a cell and disrupt enzyme balance, as well as allowing other bactericides and algaecides access to the susceptible parts of the organism. Silver is effective because of its capabilities of interfering with DNA production and accelerating the death phase.


* Copper/silver destroys algae, kills bacteria
* Ideal for those who are allergic or sensitive to standard sanitizing chemicals
* Dramatic difference in water quality
* Reduces between 80-90% of existing chemical costs
* Eliminates chemical odors
* Reduces maintenance time
* Increases life span of the plastic in pools and spas
* Ionisation is chemically neutral, so water balance is often easier to maintain
* System is environmentally friendly and completely safe
* Unaffected by pH, temperature, aeration or sunlight
* Provides long-lasting and constant purification

Ion systems can be used in synergy with other methods of sanitation including ozone ultraviolet and chemical systems

Sizing & Installation

An ionization system is easily installed by yourself or by a professional service provider.

The system comprises of two parts: the electrode assembly of two bars made up of an alloy of copper and silver, and the electronic control system. The electrodes are installed in the filtration system, and the control unit supplies the necessary extra low voltage across the electrodes.

The Above Ground Pool Series


AG 150 -250


AG 150 -250

NZ 1050

NZ 1050

The Above Ground Pool Series

The Aboveground Pool Series are designed for the typical, backyard, above ground or soft-sided pools. Installation is at the return line of the pool filter. There are no settings necessary, the controller is pre-programmed. Each unit is designed to operate while the pool filter is in operation. A minimum of four hours per day of filtration cycle is required. Electrodes are designed to last up to one year of operation. No test kit is necessary. A chlorine level of .3 to .5 is required to eliminate organic materials (suntan oil, body lotion, etc).

AG 150 10,000 Gallon   $399.99

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Large Portable Pool Series

For custom made portable pools up to 100,000  gallons.  These systems are for the BIG pool and Big uses.  Swim Schools, Dog Day Cares , and high use pool bigger than 15,000 gallons will take the BIG ionizer.

NZ 1050  up to 100,000 Gallon  $1199.99


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