Filter Maintenance

Filter Savers and Filter Maintenance


Cartridge Filter Wand Cleaner


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The Master Blaster Cleansing Wand for the Complete Cleaning of your Filter Cartridge. Save Money by replacing your Filter Cartridge Less Often

Use With Filteraid to Completely Recondition your filter Cartridge





Swimming Pool Filter AidesFilter Aid is a great product! It can be used as a DE replacement in DE filters or as a topcoat in both sand and cartridge filters to aid in filtration.

Filter Aid is a cellulose fiber product, which basically means it is made of wood pulp and is therefore, not a carcinogen like DE. Filter Aid also filters out a smaller micron (particle) than DE, which essentially makes the filter work better. It backwashes easily away and helps to make the water sparkle!


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Filter Savers

Filter Savers

$6.99 5 pack

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Protect your filter from the hazards of the back yard, This product installs in your filter sock and prevents harmful particles from invading your filter cartridge and pump.


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