Algatec and Pooltec -Algaecide

The one two punch in your fight against algae. Chlorine will keep algae away, but once it forms chlorine isn’t enough. You need an algaecide that is up to the task. And if you have ever had algae, you KNOW you don’t want to have it again. This algae control system will make sure you don’t


If you have algae problems with you pool, use our two step process to end it….forever

Step 1 Treamtment

Algatec And Pooltec Algaecide Treatment


  • Kill Algae
  • Does not elevate phosphorus
  • Acts immediately
  • Synergistically acts with chlorine
  • Swim Immediately





Step 2 Maintain

Algatec and Pooltec -Algaecide

  • Keeps Algae Away
  • Clarifies Pool Water to A Sparkling Pool.
  • Enhances Chlorine performance
  • Cuts Chloramine and Cyanuric Acid Build Up
  • Only 4 oz per 10,000 Gallons

Combo Pack 69.99



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