Exercise Pools and Therapy Pools

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Aqua Therapy Pools

Premium Exercise Pools

Premium Exercise Pools


Swim Spa

Legacy Swim Spa

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Yellowstone  Swim Spa

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Yoga Boarding Pools

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Exercise Pools and Therapy Pools

Stay Healthy And Live with Legacy Pools

We offer several choices in Exercise Pools. Premium Never Ending Pools, An Economy Resistance Cord Exercise Pools and Full blown swim spas as well as a full range of aqua-therapy pools.

​Exercise Pools and Therapy Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools Experts Have More Sizes, Styles, Depths, Shapes and kinds of above ground swimming pools than anyone else….ANYWHERE!

When we say we make more kinds, styles shapes and sizes of above ground swimming pools than anyone else, we mean it.

We are developing new things all the time, because we are also the maker of these pools Above Ground Swimming Pools By The Experts. Featuring Pools By Intex, Heritage, Legacy, and more.

We can make Anything Including  Exercise Fitness and Therapy Pools We have 33 styles to choose from. Something to fit every taste, desire and budget.

Our Never Ending Pool System

Our Never Ending Pool System can be added to any of our pools to give you more relaxing experience.  Better exercise, and better therapy in your pool.

The Never Ending Pool System can be used for 2 mph, 4 mph, 6 mph jets that gives you the necessary.

Exercise Pools and Therapy Pools

Allow 30-40 Days For Delivery Of These Special Pools

Want More Sizes?Check Out Our Made To Order Custom PoolsA ny Size Up to 150ft x 150ft 

Any Size, Any Depth Any Shape Pool…..We can do it! Big Pools, Small Pools, Short Pools, Deep Pools.Choose from Over 200 sizes depth and shapes of these special Legacy Odyssey Pools or design your own and we will make it for you. Our crack engineers and designers can do almost anything. Currently our Maximum Size Is 150ft x 150ft and Our Maximum Depth is 8 feet. But we are always engineering new ways to expand those horizons. So choose your size from the list below, or choose your own size and we will make it for you.

Above Ground Pools 

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