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Big – Large Portable Pools

We are talking Big, Large, Massive Portable Pools Up to 130ft long…Yes we can do it to your exact specifications.
Big – Large Portable Pools
50ft x 100ft x 48in Big Pool

Whatever the need, whatever the purpose these pools are perfect for permanent installation or temporary portable needs.

Large Pools Big Pools Big – Large Portable Pools
We Specialize In Making These Large Portable Pools Half Olympic Size and Depth Pools Available Or Bigger! As Large As You Need Up to 130ft Long 
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Big – Large Portable Pools


40ft Wide

40ft x 40ft x 60in 13,999.99
40ft x 45ft x 52in 13999.99
40ft x 50ft x 52in 14499.99
40ft x 55ft x 52in 14,999.99
40ft x 60ft x 52in 15,499.99
40ft x 70ft x 52in 17,299.99
40ft x 80ft x 42in 19,299.99
40ft x 80ft x 52in 19,999.99
40ft x 80ft x 52in   M 21,999.99
40ft x 100ft x 52in 25,999.99
40ft x 100ft x 60in 27,999.99
40ft x 100ft x 60in M 29,999.99

42ft Wide

42ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 2 lane lines 23,750.99
42ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 4 lane lines 24,760.99
42ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 6 lane lines 24,845.99

Big – Large Portable Pools

44ft Wide

44ft x 43ft x 48in



44ft x 72in Round 16,999.99
44ft x 48ft x 52in 15,999.99

45ft Wide

45ft x 72ft x 52in 17,499.99
45ft x 72ft x 52in M 18,999.99
45ft x 90ft x 48in M 20,499.99
45ft x 90ft x 52in M 20,999.99

Big – Large Portable Pools

48ft Wide

48ft x 130ft x 24in 39,999.99
48ft x 130ft x 24in Industrial 44,999.99

Big – Large Portable Pools

50ft Wide

50 x 70ft x 52in 21,999.99
50ft x 75ft x 60in 29,999.99
50ft x 75ft x 72in 38,299.99
50ft x 90ft x 52 28999.99
50ft x 100ft x 30in 29,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 48in 29,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 48in M 37,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 52in 27,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 52in M 33,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 54in 38,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 62in 43,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 62in M 45,999.99
50ft x 130ft x 48in 48,299.99
50ft x 130ft x 48in Malibu 52,299.99

56ft Wide

56ft x 75ft x 52 23999.99

64ft Wide

64ft x 83ft x 60in 58999.99

70ft Wide

70ft x 130ft x 52in 62999.99
70ft x 130ft x 52in 66999.99
75ft x 20ft x 60in with 2 lane lines 10,499.99
75ft x 110ft x 78in 113,999.99

Big – Large Portable Pools

80ft Wide

80ft x 85ft x 52in 46,399.99
80ft x 85ft x 60in 48,399.99
80ft x 230ft x 52in 99,999.99
80ft x 110ft x 52in 58,999.99
80ft x 130ft x 52in 61,799.99
80ft x 130ft x 52in M 63,999.99


82ft Wide

82ft x 108ft x 52in 54999.99
 82ft x 115ft x 94in 125,999.99

85ft Wide

85 x 130 x 72in 96,999.99

92ft Wide

92ft x 92ft x 52in Octahedron 117,999.99

98ft Wide

98ft x 229ft x32in 96,999.99

100ft Wide

100ft x 60in Round 46,899.99
100ft x 72in Round 55,499.99

110ft Wide

110ft x 60″ Round 68,999.99


All Pools Come With Enough Pump and Filters and Ladders Appropriate to Their Size

  • Durable Poly-Reinforced Liner
  • Printed Marbleized interior
  • 35MIL Thick Liner
  • Protective Liner Carrying Case
  • Simple and Easy Framework
  • 4 Layers of Frame Protection
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel
  • Zinc-Plated
  • Two Coats of Baked Enamel
  • Frame is 100% Weld-Free and
  • Parts are Individually Wrapped

Because Legacy Pools are so simple to set-up, they are also easy to disassemble and pack away during the cold winter months. And since the thick Marbleized liner of a Legacy Pool has a polyester woven core running through it, it does not shrink or dry out when the pool is stored away.


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