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Basic Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance

To make sure your  pool water is clean and clear we focus our topic in two main areas.  The maintenance or restoring of your Chemistry Balance of your swimming pool water and the cleaning of dirt and particulate matter from your pool.

The balance of water chemistry in an above ground pool is attained by testing. The adding of chemicals alone will not keep your pool water balanced, you must test the pool and see which levels have to be adjusted and adding chemicals only as proscribed by the tests. For your pool to function at it’s best, this balance must be maintained.

Secondly to insure good pool water maintenance we must remove particulate matter and dirt.  This is achieved by water circulation of the pool through a filtering system. Also brushing and vacuuming of the pool’s walls and sides will keep the pool from “growing” dirt or algae. With use of an automatic pool cleaner, this can be done at the same time as filtration. Cleaning the filter when needed will optimize this process.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and if you keep up  with maintenance it will prevent the  dreaded pool water problems that can occur when things get out of hand.’


Everything You need to know about above ground swimming pool water care and maintenance can be found right here.  Consider this your owner’s manual for your above ground pool. Answers to almost every question regarding the upkeep of your pool is given below. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please

3 Steps to Successful Pool Care

3 Steps to Successful Pool Care

Successful pool chemistry is like a dance, once you find the rhythm you can do the above ground pool Bosa Nova.   Just visit the three links below to get more information


  1. Balancing Your Pool’s Chemistry

  2. Sanitizing your Pool Water

  3. Shocking Your Pool

Like all pool care the old adage : A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Question From the Ask Bob Blog

T.Gurley Asked Bob:  Why do I always have chlorine in my pool, two days ago I fully treated the pool and today my test kit says I need alot more?

The sun stole your chlorine.  Back when I was a kid, I would occasionally buy goldfish. When ever I set up a new bowl, or cleaned the old bowl I would have to let the water sit for a day so the chlorine could escape from the water.

Chlorine is happiest in normal temperatures as a gas. To keep it in a liquid state we have to do funny things to it.  If you simply put chlorine in a pool full of un-stabilized water it will happily find ways to escape into the atmosphere.


Balancing The Water Of Your Above Ground Pool


Keeping your pool water in balance is a key step in quality pool care. When your pool water is balanced then pool care is easy. but when it becomes unbalanced, problems can and will arise.  Pool Water Balance takes into account pH, Calcium and TA or Total Alkalinity

The table below applies to all pools.

Balancing Your Pool Water

Correct  Levels Ensure:

Bacteria fighting power of chemicals will be at their peak

You will not see a corrosive build up on pools or parts

Minimal Pool and Eye Irritations

To keep your pool balanced, test it and then add what is nessecary.


For pH

If pH is low add a pH Plus Product  Like Pool Life Plus

If pH is High add a pH Minus Product Like Pool Life Minus

For Calcium Hardness

If Calcium is low add a water hardener agent

if Calcium is High add a sequestering agent

For Total Alkalinity

If Alkalinity is Too high, add an Alkalinity Decreaser

If Alkalinity is Too low, add an Alkalinity Increaser

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