Above Ground Pool Installers

Above Ground Pool InstallersWelcome To Best Above Ground Pools. Home to the best above ground pools , Legacy Pools. We have a complete list of above ground pool installers that service the entire country

Some questions you will need to know the answers to, to find the cost of installation of above ground pools


Question 1  Do you want an Old Style Steel Above Ground Pools or the New Technology Legacy Pools

Old Style Steel Above Ground Pools

New Technology Legacy Pools

Old style steel pools take two or three days to install require many tools, much ground  work and special care must be taken with liner installation

Round Pools

Oval Pools

Approximate Installation Costs Of Level Ground


Legacy Above Ground Pools set up in about an hour and require no tools.  and it easy to do yourself. Simple Click Click Installation

Legacy Style Pools

One Legacy Pool Owner Experience

Approximate Installation Costs Of Level Ground


Above Ground Pool Installers or Do it Yourself

If You Buy a Legacy Style Pool You can usually put it up yourself and save hundreds on an installer (for a Legacy style pool) or over a thousand for a steel walled pool installation

But If you still want someone to install your pool for you, when you buy a pool from us, we can  provide you three names from people who can do the job, they will quote you for the job, you will choose one of them and pay them.  We will provide the pool and equipment.

Our pool installer referrals are only for our customers.  Part of the knowledge and expertise that you get with a full service  and experienced dealer. We do not offer this service for pools bought from other dealers of discount stores.

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