Above Ground Pools For Your Family, For Your Pets, For Your Business…..For Everything

Legacy Portable Pools

Steel Wall Above Ground Pools

Shark Slide Pool Special!


We have more styles, makes and versions of above ground pools than anyone, including Legacy Above Ground Pools. The new technology in above ground pools


Legacy Above Ground Pools Sale

On Select Sizes and Shapes Only while supplies Last.  Complete Pool Kits and Free Shipping!

Starting At $1799.99



Custom Made Pools

Custom Made  Pools

Have it your way! We can make any size, depth, shape, pool you want and it doesn’t cost anymore than buying a standard pool!

Starting At $2299.99


Dog Pools

Above Ground Pools For Dogs

For Family Dogs, Dog  Daycare Pools , Dock Dog Diving Pools, Dog Therapy Pools and More! Keep all of your family cool!

Starting At $2299.99


Special Shape, Size And Use Pools

Special Shape, Size & Use Pools

Because we make our own pools we can make them in just about any shape and size you can think of!

Starting At $1999.99



Exercise Pools And Therapy Pools

Exercise & Aqua Therapy Pools

Get in shape and get relief with our special pools that help body and soul!

Starting At $3699.99


Pryramind Pool Deck

Pyramid Pool And Deck Kit

All in one package price Featuring Legacy Pools and Your Choice Of Decking Material

Starting At $7999.99


Movie & Television Production Pools

Our pools are famous, from academy award winning movies to stints on the Today Show, If you need a pool, we have it. 

Starting At $2199.99

Trouble Free – Maintenance Free Pool

With An Auto Filler, And Ion Water Purifier and An Automatic Pool Sweep you can save hours on care and enjoy your pool

Starting At $3699.99


We are the maker of Legacy Pools, the best above ground pools available in world.

Legacy Above Ground Pools are most advanced technology pools and yet most adaptable pools. Not be be confused with what you can find on the many discount websites on the internet. Those poolshave a 90 day warranty, they come with undersized filters that cannot keep the pool clean. Legacy Pools last for decades, set up in a breeze and is easy to maintain

Legacy Pools come with a 35 mil liner which suffices for 99.9% of all applications, but since we are the manufacturers of these pools we can also make them in 50 and 60 mil for special commercial application pools. Anyway you want it!

Backyard Above Ground Pools  Specialty Pools, Made To Order Custom Made Pools. Best Above Ground Pools makes them all!

With a 50% deposit you can reserve a pool, in your name, at today’s price and have it delivered any time out to 90 days from the date of purchase with the final payment. This year is going to be a good year for pools since the economy is doing so well, and we may run out of stock causing a delay of delivering as we bring more pools in

Legacy Pools are the Best Above Ground Pools Made are the Best Manufacturer of Above Ground Pools And Portable Pools We have more choices in above ground pools than anyone else on the internet or in the world, and if you don’t see what you want, we can make it for you! Just ask! We can also ship pools anywhere in the world and on time! Your pool, your way, when you want it, we can do it for you. Welcome to the super power of above ground pools manufacturers! Some pool companies can do a little bit of this or that… but we can do EVERYTHING! You can get the same pool for less.Best

Above Ground Pools By Legacy Pools…
…are the finest, strongest, most durable, problem free swimming pools in the world. Since we are the manufacturer of these pools as well as the retailer we have the ability to make any pool you like. In any size, any depth up to 8ft deep and just about any shape. So whether you are looking for a backyard pool for your family or an Olympic size pool, we are your source. No matter the size or purpose of the pool you are looking for you will find that Legacy above ground pools will fit your need.

New Technology Pools
The advanced technology of these pools means no more replacing liners, no more paying someone thousands of dollars to install a pool, and if you have to move, the pool can move with you. It can be a temporary feature of your backyard that can be taken down in the fall, or a permanent feature that can stay up all year, even in freezing temperatures. We Can Do That!…Yes We Can!” And The List is growing! Above Ground Pools Industries

Best Above Ground Pools – Our Customers

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