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Veterans DayWe are here this veteran’s day weekend to serve you.  Veterans and service men and women get a special 7% discount this weekend  This discount cannot be combined with others.  Use our shopping cart to buy and we will call to confirm before we charge. or call us. If you are not a veteran you can still qualify for a 5% discount through our turkey hunt.

Legacy Above Ground Pools.

Easy To Assemble, Easy To Maintain, 30 year warranty, Strongest Longest Lasting – The Most Undiscovered Ever


Traditional Above Ground Pools

Steel Pools with vinyl liner with a more traditional look. A little harder to install and maintain. Not Recommended For Dogs


Dog Pools

Above Ground Pools For Dogsddd

  • Dog Daycare Pools
  • Family Dog Pools
  • Dock Dog Diving Pools
  • Dog Therapy Pools
  • Service Dog Pools
  • And More


Join Our Turkey Hunt and Save 5%

  • Find the turkey and you can save 5% on any pool purchase before November 30th.
  • Once you find the Turkey you register your name and email address and then when you are ready to order, give us a call and givc us you name and we will apply the disount

Specialty Pools

Movie and TV Pools

Movie and Television Production Poolsddd

Pools For Any need that Hollywood for movie and television oroductions We have any size shape or depth pool made for your exact needs

Custom Made To Order Pools

Pools Tailor Made To Your Specifications. No Extra Cost, Any Size, Shape or Depth  See 1600+ sizes Already Made

Swim School Pools

Swim School Pools

  • up to 132 feet long
  • Lane Lines Embedded
  • Touch Crosses
  • Legacy Quality
  • Available in 35mil, 50, mil or 60 mil Liners
  • Strong Enough For Pushing off the Sides

Specialty Pools

Custom and Specialty Pools

  • Movie and TV Pools
  • Water Park Pools
  • Horse Training Pools
  • Commercial Pools
  • Swim School Pools
  • And More!

Exercise And Therapy Pools

Exercise and Therapy Pools

Commercial use pools

Commercial Use Poolsddd

Economy Above Ground Pools
dddThese pools are good for a season or two of enjoyment  with a 90 day warranty. Great for families on a budget. Also No Dogs

Pool Equipment

Pool Supplies and Accessories
Everything you need to keep your pool sparkly clean. From Pumps and filters to Automatic Pool Cleaners and automatic Sanitizers

Specialty Pools

Above Ground Pools Info

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Legacy Pools

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Legacy Pools Are So Strong Dog Claws Can’t Hurt Them – Video



Above Ground Pools Home

What Makes A Legacy Pool So Much Better?

About Us: 

We started as a toy store chain just after World War II. When Doughboy first introduced the concept of above ground pool, we were one of the first companies in California to feature them. We sold toys and pools together for almost 50 years. Then in the mid 1990’s two important events happened. We joined the internet sensation and the portable above ground pool was invented.

There was no better pool than Legacy Portable Above Ground Pools, and we liked it so much we bought the company. For the last 22 years we have been selling our Legacy Pools to home owners, business owners, dog daycare centers and for many other applications including scientific and military testing. We also sell world wide, so whether you are around the corner or around the world, we can get you the pool you want. We are the only company that can make the pool any way you like because we not only sell them, we make them!


Above Ground Pools Home

We are #1 Retailer Of Legacy Pools. The most advanced technology pools, most adaptable. Not be be confused with the many Chinese made pools on the market. You can find such “junk” pools on the many discount websites on the internet. These pools do not last, they come with undersized filters that cannot keep the pool clean. Legacy Pools last for decades, set up in a breeze and is easy to maintain.

We are the Manufacturer of Legacy Above Ground Pools.

Legacy Pools come with a 35 mil liner which suffices for 99.9% of all applications, but since we are the manufacturers of these pools, we can also make them in 50 and 60 mil for special commercial application pools. Anyway you want it!

Backyard Above Ground Pools, To Specialty Pools, To Legacy Pools To Made To Order Custom Made Pools. Best Above Ground Pools makes them all!

With a 50% deposit you can reserve a pool, in your name, at today’s price and have it delivered any time out to 90 days from the date of purchase with the final payment. This year is going to be a good year for pools since the economy is doing so well, and we may run out of stock causing a delay of delivering as we bring more pools in.

How Legacy Pools Are Made

How Legacy Pools Are Made At Our Factory

Above Ground Pools Home

Best Above Ground Pools – You Tube Page

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