We have installers ready to put your pool all over the country.

Pool InstallersOur Data base of installers include every city and township all over the country. Whether you live in a bustling metropolis or a small township we can provide you with the names of installers who can do the job when you buy the pool from us.

Here’s how it works

  1. You select the pool you want and buy it from us
  2. You inform you you would like an Installer referall
  3. we will refer to you the names of 2-3 people in your area who are  are acquainted with how to install our pools, Legacy, or Steel)
  4. You can then contact them, or if you prefer we can have them contact you.
  5.  You get your installation quotes from them
  6. Then you choose your installer, and pay them in thirds. One third before the job begins, One third when the job ends and one two weeks later to ensure everything is done right.

Please note, you are doing business with the individual installers and they will be solely responsible for the installation of the pool. We offer no warranty on their work

Or You Can Do It Your Self…. See How below


Portable Pool Install – Legacy Style

Legacy Pool Install


Above Ground Pool Installation

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