Protect Your Pool With Our Cover Lifter!

Winter Cover Keeper

Don’t let the snow and rain of winter cause you pool to be damaged as it collects on top of your winter cover! use ourl cover lifter and let the accumulations fall right off!.

Snow Damage

Don’t let this happen to your pool!

Pool SizesLifters NeededPrice1
8ft 9in Round139.99
12ft Round139.99
15ft Round3119.97
18ft Round3119.97
21ft Round4159.96
24ft Round4159.96
27ft Round5199.95
30ft Round5199.95
33ft Round5199.95
10ft x 18ft (9ft x 17ft)  Rectangle279.98
12ft x 18ft Oval279.98
12ft x 24ft Oval3119.97
14ft x 22ft (13ft x 21ft)Rectangle3119.97
14ft x 26ft (13ft x 21ft)Rectangle6239.94
15ft x 25ft Oval6239.94
15ft x 30ft Oval6239.94
17ft x 25ft Rectangle6239.94
18ft x 30ft (17ft x 29ft)Rectangle9359.91
18ft x 33ft Rectangle9359.91
18ft x 45ft Rectangle12479.87
21ft x 41ft Rectangle12479.87
21ft x 48ft Rectangle15599.85

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