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” When my parents needed assistance with their water feature, the people at Best Above Ground Pool Experts were not only helpful, but they were friendly and respectful. My parents are senior citizens, and this kind of treatment doesn’t happen everywhere.


– Nacy Lindsay

“They had so much to choose from. My pool is made with high-quality materials which made it more valuable than some of the other brands that were available. It requires very low maintenance.The customer service was great and very helpful. They addressed all of the questions and concerns that I had when I made my purchase. They even gave me a follow-up call a couple of weeks later to see how everything was going.”



It’s funny about pools because I personally love them and would buy one the next time I’m in the market. Apparently my view is not widely held by others who find them a danger, nuisance and un necessary expense. It all depends upon the buyer though but you do have to think long and hard about putting one in. 




Buying a Pool, Planning and Installation of Above Ground Pool Experts Pools

Step 1


When you are ready to begin the process of getting an above ground pool you can send us pictures of your area, with simple space measurements, and Idea of the kind of set up up you are looking for : Just a Pool on the ground, A pool with deck, a pool in the ground with a deck or whatever you are looking for



Step 2

Purchase and Delivery

Order the pool and the equipment that you have determined that you want.  We have different equipment and pools in different locations all around the country. Upon your order we will send all the items to our local distribution center in a matter of days and then deliver them to your Curbside


Step 3

Installation – Option 1  Self Install

Above Ground Pools are very easy to install, and portable pools are even easier. If you can do the job yourself you will save thousands. But you will not be alone. With our phone service an above ground pool expert will walk you through the entire installation process, and review pictures of the installation and advise.  Again it is not at all hard to do this.  Check Out Our self installation videos to see more.


 Installation – Option 2  Have it Installed. If you absolutely need to have someone to install your pool we suggest hiring a local professional. But NOT a “professional pool installer” as we said these are unreliable and many times end in heart breakIf you are just putting the pool ion the ground, a local handy man is more than capable of doing this and it will save you at least one thousand dollarsIf you want something more complex, like a a pool deck or putting the pool in the ground, then you can get a local contractor.In both these cases we will have an above ground pool expert on stand by to answer any or all of their questions. Including picture review of the ongoing process 

Local handymen and contractors can be found in various locations such as craigslist or Angie’s List. Since these people are coming to your backyard and you will pay them is highly recommended that you get references.  Angie List charges a small fee but all of their listings include reviews,  Remember your search term is Handymen or Contractor….NOT pool installer.

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