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In the world of swimming pools, most are users are separated by the terms "In Ground Pools"  and "Above Ground Pools". What usually separates these terms is tens of thousand of dollars. The typical above ground pool can cost between one and four thousand dollars. The typical in ground pool can cost twenty to forty thousand dollars or more. But there is one more option. In ground pool kits. These are pools designed as in ground pools to provide the exact same experience of an in ground pool at a fraction of the cost. These pools are sold as kits and require customer installation. With easy instructions and a few helpers you can save yourself easily twenty thousand dollars by doing it yourself.  Before installing one of these pools please check with your county and city for the proper permit and ordinances and always before excavating check with your local utility to make sure you won't hit any under ground utility lines. 
 In Ground Pool Beauty at a Fraction of the Cost.

Choose from our available models of in ground Lap Pools

The Island Breeze Pool is one of the new breed of "wolmanized" wood pools that is designed to be completely customizable as to it's exterior appearance. The pool is sturdy and dependable in the ground and you add the final touches. With a beautiful vinyl liner the picture is complete. Your imagination and our lap pools is all you need to make a backyard resort worthy of your spare time.

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The Monterey Bay Pool high tech answer to the old concrete and Gunite. With geometric design and support system it's graphex wall design supports the weight of all the pool water in our out of the ground. These lap pools are also fully customizable in it's presentation. Made of hi tech polymers these walls will not rust, erode or degrade, even if the earth around it may, in a million years.

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In Ground Pools, Lap Pools By the IN Ground Pool Experts