Abbey Above Ground Pools

We really believe Abbey Above Ground Pools to be one of the most tough and innovative above ground pools we have come across in recent years Abbey Above Ground Pools Pool Equipment package   redbarecheck9  

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12ft x 54in2399.99Order This Pool
15ft x 54in2599.99Order This Pool
18ft x 54in2799.99Order This Pool
21ft x 54in3229.99Order This Pool
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15ft x 25ft x 54in4499.99Order This Pool
15ft x 30ft x 54in5299.99Order This Pool
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18ft x45ft x 54in7899.99Order This Pool

What You Can Expect When You Order A Pool

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  1. All standard (non custom made) pools have shipping included in the pricing, and only residents of California are required to pay sales tax. So the price you see is the price you pay. Nothing Extra.
  2. All pools come with matched filtering system of your choice (Cartridge or Sand) that are sufficient from the size of the pool. Upgrades are only required if the pump is going to be at a distance from the pool or at a different elevation
  3. The rest of the equipment , Ladder, skimmer, plumbing connections are all included
  4. For items in stock (non custom) shipping takes about a week to tend days and the pool arrives on your curbside loaded on a pallet, wrapped and strapped. A lift gate will bring it down to the ground where you can roll it into your backyard one piece at a time
  5. We recommend that you always self install your pools, as no one has a better interest in getting it right, and we will be here to walk you through every step of the process.  A process that is so much easier with the newer technology Legacy Pools 
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If you will not be installing this yourself
We really believe Abbey Above Ground Pools to be one of the most tough and innovative above ground pools we have come across in recent years. The top & bottom plates as well as the top & bottom rails are made of rust proof extruded resin. The 7″ ledge at the top of the pool is also made from extruded resin for great feel, looks, and weather resistance. The ledge even has ultraviolet inhibitors in the resin to keep its beauty year after year. The pool wall and verticals (sometimes called uprights) are made of heavy duty Crystex coated galvanized steel, giving you serious strength and durability. The combination of steel stability and resin corrosion resistance makes the Abbey II a great value and a top of the line choice for an above ground pool.. Please remember this pool is proudly made in the USA.

  • 54 inch hot dipped galvanized steel wall strengthen with deep corrugation.
  • 9 inch 3 piece wrap-around molded resin covers. Molded resin bottom Cover.
  • 9  inch deluxe extruded resin ledges. Non-corrosive and acid rain resistant with UV inhibitors
  • 8 inch hot dipped galvanized steel verticals. Crystex coated.
  • Universal top and bottom 1 inch painted steel rails.
  • Universal top and bottom steel plates.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Frame and wall color: Gray.
  • 50 Year Limited Warranty

Compare This Pool With Our Other Models

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