Summer Camp Pools For Sale!

Are you looking for a pool to make your organizations summer camp a success  Best Above Ground Ground Pool can make that happen

We have many sizes of pools in stock and we can make anything. Enhance your summer camp experience for decades to come with a single purchase of a Legacy Pool. Whether you choose one of our standard size pools or have us build one for you.

Any Shape, Any Size Any Depth

We can include lane lines , lane ropes and even your own logo at the bottom of the pool! 


Choose Your Size!

Summer Cap Pools


17ft x 29ft x 52in


Summer Camp Pools


30ft x 40ft x 52in


Summer Camp


$50ft x 100ft x 52in


Or Name Your Size and We will make it for you!

Pools complete with


  • Commercial Grade Pump and Filter System ( Multiple ones for bigger pools)
  • A- Frame Safety Ladders
  • Surface Skimmers to avoid Entrapment Issues
  • All Plumbing and Connections
  • Quality Certificates and Testing results for  Certifications
    • Expert Advice on Use and Set Up




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  • The Answer Is Blowing In The WindWe often get asked: "What pool should I buy"? The answer my  friend is  "blowing in the wind".  I can see and hear it now its a Legacy from Legacy Pools USA.         Embrace the winds of change, start your family legacy now!

    above ground pools for kidsOur pools have been set up rigged, ready and set to receive all the parties,kids, grand kids.