Portable Spas

Welcome to your newest choice in spas. These portable spas are the best around and great to take on vacation. You never have to worry about who was in there last or finding hair that isn’t yours.

The liners are Legacy 35mil and Kevlar intertwined so they have the durability to withstand constant setting up and breaking down. Pop it up anywhere there’s a regular 110v outlet. They will still also feature our beautiful navy blue outside with white top and gold stripe.

Our pump, filter and jet system will hook up discreetly behind the spa so everyone will be able to envy it. Your price will include your filter, pump, motor, and jet system. We also have our amazing Copper Silver Ion sanitation system you can add on to keep the water perfectly clean all year round.

Call today to speak with a representative for more information: 1-888-246-9961

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