Don’t let the name fool you, Legacy Pools Are the toughest strongest longest lasting pools on the market!

A mobile society needs mobile pools!

Legacy Portable Pools Are Tough!!!  Uses Ultra-frequency Welding Technology™  To Increase Adhesive Strength and Chemical Composition. Legacy Pools USA is #1  in Advanced Technology™

Portable Pools


Keep your mobile lifestyle with mobile portable pools that can move when you move!. These  pools can be set up and taken down numerous times and suffer no ill effect. They were designed to be mobile.

Legacy Pools Legacy Super Pools

Legacy  Pools

Legacy Portable Pools. The top of the line great for 99.9% of all applications with a 35mil liner, heavy duty frame and a 30 year warranty. The Best Pool Available. Period


Legacy Super Pool

The Legacy Super Pool. 50 mil strong and durable. This super portable pools is the best of the best. with an extra thick liner, Stronger frame extra plasiticizers and more


 Safety Liner Pools Malibu Pools
Legacy Safety Liner Pool

The Legacy Safepool. All the same great quality as Legacy  with an all white liner for extra safety


Malibu Pools

Are you looking for more stability on softer ground, the Malibu Portable Pools gives you extra support


Quick Pools Laguna Portable Pools

Quick Pool

Special Sale on remaining quickpools. Starting at  $1600.00 while supplies last.


Laguna Pools

The Laguna Pool by legacy is a little  lighter duty than the Legacy and a Little More Affordable.


Alberca Pools Chois Portable Pools

Alberca Pools

Alberca Pools  have 39 mil liner and special boots which helps it stand up on the softest ground.


Chois Pools

The Chois pool offers you a good choice  in above ground poolsddd

  Rhino Hide Portable Pools
  Rhino Hide Pools

Rhinohide  pools, are the only quality inflatable ring pool available on  the market


Portable Pools in every size and shape imaginable at discount prices, even in custom sizes. We have more 

choices than anyone else.  We have dozens of styles in dozens of sizes to choose from, something to fit every budget and every desire. From small 8ft Round to Huge 18ft x 35ft  Portable Pools. As well as Swimming with deck kits already included. Whether you want a complete pool with deck kit, a pool for putting in the ground and building a custom deck over, or simply a pool to put in your backyard we have what you are looking for.

Refurbished Pools

Check Out Our Refurbished  Portable Pools that have been used for shows, or filming or similar one time use. We have run these pools through the sealer and confirm they have a 2 season warranty. These pools are a good way to get a top quality pool when your budget is limited


Stone Facade


Legacy Artisan Facade For Portable Pools

Finish Your  Pool In Style With our facades




Much stronger and more durable than the all steel or resin/aluminum above ground pools, these Portable pools can stand up to anything, and the liner never needs to be replaced.  When a family has kids or animals that will be using the pools, this is ALWAYS our default Recommendation, For they are stronger, and tougher than the others. Made by Legacy Pools USA The Brand You Know And Trust


  Portable Pools Information



There are more ways that you can get your pool than you can imagine. The above choices are just the standard sizes. we can custom make anything..

We have Portable Pools in every size and shape imaginable at discount prices, even in custom sizes. We have more choices than anyone else.