Previously Owned and Refurbished Pools

On a budget? Using your tax return? NO PROBLEM!

Here you can see all sizes and brands for a discounted value. We still stand behind these pools and offer a warranty on them. That’s how confident we are in them.


Oval10′ x 19′ x 52″1  X  
 14′ x 23′ x 52″1  X  
Rectangle9′ x 17′ x 52″1 X   
 13′ x 25′ x 52″1   X 
Round17′ x 52″1   X 
 21′ x 52″2   X 
Round16′ x 52″1   X 
Rectangle10′ x 18′ x 52″1    Needs cleaning


Click here for liners only.

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  • The Answer Is Blowing In The WindWe often get asked: "What pool should I buy"? The answer my  friend is  "blowing in the wind".  I can see and hear it now its a Legacy from Legacy Pools USA.         Embrace the winds of change, start your family legacy now!

    above ground pools for kidsOur pools have been set up rigged, ready and set to receive all the parties,kids, grand kids.