Economy Above Ground Pools

Economy Above Ground Pools

These pools feature are best Above Ground pools for the dollar.  If you are looking to maximize your fun while staying within a tight budget, these pools are for you. Mind you these are not the throw away pools  that you will find at the club stores or the discount mart stores with filters that will not keep your pools clean, these are top line multi year warranty Pools


familfunIntex Ultra Frame Pools

Pools that will give you a summer or two of swimming fun!


Intex Frame Set pool

Intex Frame Set Pool

Another good affordable short term use pool



 Intex Easy Set Pools

These pools are great to keep the kids cool for the summer and then just put them away



Rhino Hide Pools

Tougher than anything you will see in the discount store, this  one really stands up



 Refurbished Pools

Check Out Our Refurbished. Pools that have been used for shows, or filming or similar one time use. We have run these pools through the sealer and confirm they have a 2 season warranty. These pools are a good way to get a top quality pool when your budget is limited



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  • The Answer Is Blowing In The WindWe often get asked: "What pool should I buy"? The answer my  friend is  "blowing in the wind".  I can see and hear it now its a Legacy from Legacy Pools USA.         Embrace the winds of change, start your family legacy now!

    above ground pools for kidsOur pools have been set up rigged, ready and set to receive all the parties,kids, grand kids.