Custom Made Pools Any Size Any Shape Any Depth

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Choose Your Size, Shape and Depth! Custom made pools just for you.

  • Any Size from 4ft x 4ft to 500ft x 500ft or larger!
  • Any Shape You can imagine. There is no limit.
  • Any depth from 2ft to 10ft including multiple depth options

Most pool Quotes are free. But if want a more complex quote or several options on your quote a one time fee of $150.00  will initiate our concierge service and is applicable to the purchase of the pools and then you have accesses to multiple quotes.


bar5Legacy Pool at the winn hotel las vegasLook over our prices from pools we have already made.  

The current prices might be a little higher but this will give you a good ball park for the size you are interested in.

We can make any size pool you like, here are some we have made for others. The prices listed are best estimates as the prices change from time to time, we will get you an exact quote when you are ready to order a pool, but these prices should give you a good Idea as to what the price range is. 

Size FeetMetersPrice
4ft x 4ft x 48in1.21m x 1.21m x 1.21m2299.99
4.4ft x 14ft x 52in 2999.99
4.5ft x 4.5ft x 48in1.32m x1.35m x 1.21m2399.99
4.5ft x 5ft x 48in1.32m x 1.52m x 1.21m2499.99
4.5ft x 4.5ft x 54in1.32 m x 1.32m x 1.32m2499.96
4.5ft x 52in Round1.32m 1.32m Round2499.99
4ft x 6ft x 36in 1699.99
4ft x 6ft x 481.21 x 1.82 x1.211999.99
4ft x 6ft x 66in1.21m x 1.82m x 1.67m3,249.99
4ft X 8ft x  52in1.21m x 2.43m x 1.32m2,299.99
4ft x 9ft x 48in1.21m x 2.74m x 1.21m2,299.99
4ft x 9ft x 56in 2,699.99
4.5 x 9.5 x48in1.21m x 2.74m x 1.42m2,499.99
4ft x 14ft x 25in1.21m x 4.26m x 0.65m2,799.99
4ft x 16ft x 52in 1.21m x 4.87m x 1.32m2,999.99
4ft x 20ft x 52in1.21m x 6.09m x 1.32m3,499.99
 4ft x 30ft x 24in1.21m x 9.14m x 0.61m 3,720.99
5ft x 5ft x 52in1.52m x 1.52m x 1.32m1,299.99
5ft x 72in (6ft) Round1.52m x 1.82m3,499.99
5ft x 84in (7ft) Round1.52m x 2.13m3,989.99
5ft x 96in (8ft) Round1.52m x 2.44m4,599.99
5ft x 9ft x 52in1.52m x 2.74 m x 1.32m2,399.99
5ft x 9ft x 60in1.52m x 2.74m x 1.52m2,499.99
5ft x 10ft x 52in1.52m x 3.04m x 1.32m2,399.99
5ft x 10ft x 54in1.52m x 3.04m x 1.37m2,499.99
5ft x 10ft x 60in1.52m x 3.04m x 1.522,599.99
5ft x 11ft x 58in 2599.99
5ft x 12ft x 52in 2599.99
5ft x 14ft x 52in1.52m x 4.26 x 1.322,899.99
 5ft x 16ft x 52in1.52m x 4.87m x1.32m2,999.99
5ft x 18ft x 52in1.52m x 5.48m x 1.32m3,099.99
5ft x 20ft x 52in1.52m x 6.09m x 1.32m3,099.99
5ft x 21ft x 52in1.52m x 6.40m x 1.323,199.99
5ft x 27ft x 52in1.52m x 8.22m x 1.32m3,299.99
5.5ft x 8ft x 30in 1699.99
5.5ft x 9.5ft x 36in 2099.99
5.5ft x 11ft x 46in 2399.99
5ft x 20ft x 52in 3499.99
6ft x 48in Round1.82m x 1.21m round2199.99
6ft x 32 Round1.82m x 0.81m1999.99
6ft x 6ft x 48in1.82m x 1.82m x1.212499.99
6ft x 8ft x 52in 2499.99
6ft x 10ft x 60in1.82m x 3.45m  x 1.52m3,999.99
6ft x 10 ft x 66in1.82m x 3.05m x 1.67m3,649.99
6ft x 11ft x 52in1.82m x 3.35m x 1.32m2,499.99
6ft x 11ft x 52in Legacy all sky blue 50mil Liner1.82m x 3.35m x 1.32m3,282.99
6ft x 12ft x 52in1.82m x 3.65m x 1.32m3,599.99
6ft x 12ft x 60in1.82m x 3.65m  x 1.52m4,099.99
6ft x 12ft x 48in-84″ Legacy1.82m x 3.65m x 1.22m-2.13m4,999.99
6ft x 13ft x 52in1.82m x 3.96m x 1.32m2899.99
6ft x 14ft x 48in 2999.99
6ft x 14ft x 52in 3199.99
6ft x 16ft x 20in1.82m x 4.87m x 0.5m3,299.99
6ft x 16ft x 52in1.82m x4.87m x1.32m3,599.99
6ft x 18ft x 48in 3899.99
6ft x 18ft x 52in1.82m x 5.48m x 1.32m3,999.99
6ft x 20ft x 52in1.82m x 6.09m x 1.32m4,299.99
6ft x 25 x36in1.82m x 7.62m x 0.91m4,599.99
6ft x 27ft x 52in1.82m x 8.22m x 1.32m4,799.99
6ft x 36ft x 52in1.82m x 10.97m x 1.32m5,599.99
6.5ft x 10ft x 39in1.98m x 3.04m x 1m1999.99
6.5ft x 10ft x 48in1.98m x 3.04m x 1.2m2089.99
6.5ft x 12ft x 48in1.98m x 3.64m x 1.2m2289.99
6.5ft x 13ft x 39in1.98m x 3.64m x 1m2289.99
6.5ft x 13ft x 48in1.98m x 3.64m x 1.2m2389.99

7ft x 7ft x 522.13m x 2.12m 1.322699.99
7ft x 52in Round2.13m x 1.32m2699.99
7ft x 7ft x 60in2.13 x 2.13 x 1.563699.99
7ft x 7ft x 84in 5999.99
7ft x 8ft x 54in 2799.99
7ft x 11ft x 52in2.13m x 3.35m x 1.32m2899.99
7ft x 12ft x 522.13 x 3.65 x 1.322999.99
7ft x 12ft x 60in2.13m x 3.65m x 1.52m3499.99
7ft x 13ft x 52in2.13m x 3.96m x 1.32m3,099.99
7ft x 14ft x 48in2.13m x 4.27m x 1.22m3,099.99
7ft x 16ft x 52in2.13m x4.87m x 1.32m3399.99
7ft x 22ft x 52in2.13m x 6.70m x 1.32m3899.99
7ft x 30ft x 52in2.13m x 9.14, x 1.32m4,499.99
7ft x 42ft x 42in2.13m x 12.65m x 1.1m5999.99
7.5ft 17ft x 62in2.13m x 4.17m x 1.54m3699.99
8ft Round X 36in2.43m x 0.91m x Round2699.99
8ft Round X 48in2.43m x 1.21m x round2799.99
8ft Round x 52in2.43m x 1.32m x Round2899.99
8ft Round x 62in2.43m x 1.52m3299.99
8ft Round x 120in2.43m x 3.12m 9999.99
8ft x 10ft x 54in2.43m x 3.54m x 1.37m3499.99
8ft x 10ft x 60in2.43m x 3.54m x 1.56m3999.99
8ft x 14ft x 52in2.43m x 4.26m x 1.32m3,299.99
8ft x 16ft x 60in2.43m x 4.87m x 1.32m4,199.99
8ft x 17ft x 36in2.43m x 5.18m x 0.91m3,699.99
8ft x 17ft x 52in2.43m x 5.18m x 1.32m3799.99
8ft x 17ft x 53in2.43m x 5.18m x 1.34m4,099.99
8ft x 22ft x 52in2.43m x 6.70m x1.32m4,299.99
8ft x 24ft x 52in2.43m x 7.31m x 1.32m4,599.99
8ft x 26ft x 52in Malibu 4699.99
8ft x 28ft x 52in2.43mj x 8.53m x 1.32m4,799.99
8ft x 31 x 30in2.43m x 9.14m x 0.76m4,999.99
8ft x 33ft x 48in2.43m x 10.5m x1.215,699.99
8ft x 36ft x 36in 5999.99
8ft x 46ft x 48in2.43m x 14.02m  x 1.21m6,999.99
8ft x 50ft x 30in2.43m x 15.24m x 0.76m7,699.99
8ft x 50ft x 52in2.43m x 15.24m x1.32m8,499.99
8ft x 52ft x 52in2.43m x 15.84m x 1.32m9,199.99
8ft x 55ft x 52in2.43m x 16.76m x1.32m9999.99
8ft x 60ft x 52in2.43m x 18.28m x 1.32m10,999.99
8ft x 75ft x 52in2.43m x 22.86m x 1.32m12,799.99
8ft x 90ft x 52 13,599.99
9ft x 9ft x 52in 2899.99
9ft x 10ft x 58 3499.99
9ft x 20in Round2.74m x 0.5m2699.99
9ft x 17ft x 48in 2.74m x  5.18m x 1.21m2999.99
9ft x 17ft x 52in2.74m x 5.18m x 1.32m3,699.99
9ft x 17ft x 60in2.54m x 5.18m x 1.52m4,499.99
9ft x 17ft x 62in2.54m x 5.18m 1.57m4599.99
9ft x 20ft x 52in2.54m x 6.09m x1.32m3999.99
9ft x 21ft x 48in 4299.99
9ft x 21ft x 52in2.54m x 6.12m x1.52m4499.99
9ft x 24ft x 42in2.54m x  7.41m x 0.60m4599.99
9ft x 27ft x 52in2.54m x 8.22m x 1.32m5,499.99
9ft 8in x 28ft x 52in 5,699.99
9ft x 29ft x 52in2.54m x 8.83m x 1.32m5,899.99
9ft x 41ft x 52in2.54m x 12.49m x 1.32m7,999.99
9ft x 62ft x 52in2.54m x 19.20m x 1.32m10,999.99
9ft x 75ft x 52in2.54m x 22.86m x 1.32m12,999.99
10ft x 20in Round3.04m x 0.5m Round2,499.99
10ft x 52in Round3.04m x 1.32m Round2,999.99
10ft x 18ft x 52in3.04m x 5.48m  1.32,3999.99
10ft x 18ft x 96in 9999.99
10ft x 19ft x 52in Oval3.04m x 5.79m x 1.32m3999.99
10ft x 20ft x 36in3.04m x 6.09m x0.91m3,999.99
10ft x 20ft x 60in3.04m x 6.09m x 1.52m4,799.99
10ft x 25ft x 20in3.04, x 7.62m x 0.5m4,599.99
10ft x 25ft x 24in3.04m x 7.62m x 0.64m4,699.99
10ft x 25ft x 27.5in3.04m x 7.62m x 0.71m4,749.99
10ft x 28ft x 48in 4999.99
10ft x 28ft x 60in3.04m x 8.53m x 1.52m5,499.99
10ft x 30ft x 52in3.04m x 9.14m x 1.325,499.99
10ft x 40ft x 48in3.04m x 12.19m x 1.21m6,799.99
10ft x 40ft x 52in3.04m x 12.19m x 1.32m6,999.99
10ft x 50ft x 48in3.04m x 15.24m x 1.21m7,899.99
10ft x 50ft x 52in3.04m x 15.24m x 1.32m7,999.99
11ft x 11ft x 52in3.35m x 3.35m x 1.32m2,699.99
11ft x 16.5ft x 48″ Laguna3.35m x 5.03m x 1.22m2,599.99
11ft x 21ft x 48 3,999.99
11ft x 28ft x 48in3.35m x 8.53m x 1.21m5,199.99
11ft x 40ft x 52in3.35m x 12.19m x 1.32m6,499.99

12ft x 20in Round3.65m x 0.50m Round2,999.99
12ft x 52in Round3.65. 1.32m Round3,299.99
12ft x 52in Round 50mil sky blue Legacy3.65m x 1.32m3,999.99
12ft x 12ft x 72in3.64m x 3.64mx 1.82m5,999.99
12ft x 12ft x 96in3.64m x 3.64m x 2.4m8,999.99
12ft x 18ft x 26in Legacy3.64m x 5.48m x 0.66m4,189.99
12ft x 18ft x 36in Legacy3.64m x 5.48m x3,536.99
12ft x 18ft x 48in Legacy3.66m x 5.49m x 1.22m4,799.99
12ft x 18ft x 48in Laguna3.66m x 5.49m x 1.22m4,599.99
12ft x 20ft x 36in Laguna6.34m x 6.10m x 0.91m3,566.99
12ft x 22ft x 52in3.64m x 6.85m x 1.32m4,699.99
12ft x 24ft x 52in3.64m x 7.31m 1.32m4,999.99
12ft x 24ft x 60in3.64m x 7.31m x 1.526,499.99
12ft x 25ft x 24in3.64m x 7.62m x 0.60m4,949.99
12ft x 25ft x 27.5in3.64m x 7.62m x 0.714,999.99
12ft x 25ft x 48in3.64m x 7.62m 1.215,249.99
12ft x 35ft x 52in 5499.99
12ftx 40ft x 20in3.64m x 12.19m x 0.50m6,999.99
12ft x 40ft x 24in3.64m x 12.19m x 0.60m7199.99
12ft x 40ft x 30in3.64m x 12.19m x 0.7627,499.99
12ft x 40ft x 52in3.64m x 12.19m x 1.327,699.99
12ft x 45ft x 52in3.64m x 13.71m x 1.328,499.99
12ft x 47ft x 30in3.64m x 14.32 x  0.60m8999.99
12ft x 50ft x 52in3.64m x 15.24m x 1.329,999.99
12ft x 82ft x 52in3.64m x 24.99m x 1.3214,999.99
13ft x 21ft x 48in3.96m x 6.40 x 1.21m4299.99
13ft x 21ft x 52in3.96m x 6.40m 1.324,499.99
13ft x 25ft x 48In3.96m x 7.62m x 1.214699.99
13ft x 25ft x 52in3.96m x 7.62, x 1.324,499.99
13ft x 25ft x 52in Legacy 50mil sky blue Liner3.96m x 7.62m x 1.32m5,306.99
13ft x 25ft x 52inn Legacy 60mil black Liner3.96m x 7.62m x 1.32m6,014.99
13ft x 30ft x 54in Legacy Oval3.96m x 9.14m x 1.37m5,999.99
13ft x 30ft x 56in Legacy Oval3.96m x 9.14m x 1.42m6,199.99
13ft x 36ft x 52in3.96m x 10.97m x 1.32m5,499.99
13ft x 40ft x 52in3.96.m x 12.19x 1.327999.99
13ft x 82ft x 52in3.96m x 24.99m x 1.32m18,299.99
13.5ft x 38ft x 36in-66in Legacy4.11m x 11.58m x 0.91m-1.68m11,199.99
14ft x 42in Round4.26m x 1.1m3,499.99
14ft x 52in Round 50mil sky blue Legacy4.26m x 1.32m4,199.99
14ft x 22ft x 48in4.26m x 6.70m x 1.21m4299.99
14ft x 22ft x 52in4.26m x 6.70m x 1.32m4499.99
14ft x 22ft x 72in Legacy4.26m x 6.70m x 1.83m6,699.99
14ft x 22ft x 72in Malibu4.26m x 6.70m x 1.83m7,366.99
14ft x 23ft x 52in4.26m x 7.01m x 1.32m4499.99
14ft x 24ft x 72in Malibu 50mil Liner4.26m x 7.32m x 1.83m12,446.99
14ft x 27ft x 52in Oval4.26m x 8.22m x 1.32m4999.99
14ft x 27ft x 52 in4.26m x 8.22m x 1.32m4999.99
14ft x 27ft x 72in Legacy 50mil sky blue Liner4.26m x 8.22m x 1.83m12,446.99
14ft x 39ft x 48in-72in Legacy4.26m x 11.88m x 1.22m-1.83m11,288.99
14ft x 39ft x 52in Legacy 35mil Liner4.26m x 11.88m x 1.32m5,799.99
14ft x 39ft x 52in Legacy 50mil sky blue Liner4.26m x 11.88m x 1.32m7,989.99
14ft x 39ft x 52in Legacy 60mil black Liner4.26m x 11.88m x 1.32m9,079.99
14ft x 40ft x 24in4.26m x 12.19m x 0.60m8299.99
14ft x 48ft x 52in4.26m x 14.63m x 1.32m8999.99
14ft x 50ft x 52in4.26m x 15.24m x 1.32m9499.99
14ft x 52ft x 52in4.26m x 15.84m x 1.32m9699.99
14ft x 54ft x 52in4.26m x 16.45m x 1.32m9899.99
14ft x 56ft x 52in4.26m x 17.06m x 1.32m9999.99
15ft x 42in Round4.57m x 1.1m3599.99
15ft x 16ft x 30in4.57m x  4.87m4,999.99
15ft x 20ft x 25in4.57m x 6.09m x 0.61m4199.99
15ft x 25ft x 52in4.57m x 7.62m x 1.32m5,499.99
15ft x 25ft x 78in 9999.999
15ft x 30ft x 52in4.57m x  9.14m x 1.32m5,999.99
15ft x 30ft x 54in4.57m x 9.14m x 1.32m6,149.99
15ft x 31ft x 52in4.57m x 9.44m x 1.32m6,199.99
15ft x 36ft x 72in 9099.99
15x 36ft x 78in 10999.99
15 x 26ft x 84in 11199.99
15ft x 40ft x 20in4.57m x 12.19m x 0.50810499.99
15ft x 50ft x 36in4.57m x 15.24m x 0.91m11,259.99
15ft x 82ft x 52in4.57m x 24.99m x 1.32m17,999.99
15ft x 98ft x 52in4.57m x 29.86m x 1.32m19,999.99
15ft x 164ft x 60in4.5m x 50m x 1.5m49999.99
16ft x 16ft x 25in4.87m x 4.87m x 0.61m3,199.99
16ft x 18ft x 25in4.87m x 5.48m x 0.61m3,299.00
16ft x 24ft x 54in4.87m x  7.31m x 1.37m4,499.99
16ft x 30ft x 72in 10199.99
16ft x 31ft x 60in4.87m x  9.44m x 1.52m7299.99
16ft x 32ft x 54in4.87m x  9.75m 1.37m5,799.99
16ft x 32ft x 60in4.87m x 9.75m x 1.52m6,699.99
16ft x 36ft x 55in4.87m x  10.97m x 1.39m7,799.99
16ft x 38ft x 52in4.87m x 10.65m x 1.32m6899.99
16ft x 40ft x 48in4.87m x  12.19m 1.21m6,899.99
16ft x 40ft x 52in4.87m x  12.19m  x 1.32m6999.99
16ft x 40ft x 60in4.87m x 12.19m x 1.52m8,899.99
16ft x 40ft x 48in-84in Modified Slope Legacy4.87m x 12.19m x 1.21m-2.13m11,999.99
16ft x 40ft x 48in-84in Modified Slope Malibu4.87m x 12.19m x 1.21m-2.13m12,850.00
16ft x 48ft x 2ft 8999.99
16ft x 50ft x 36in4.87m x  15.24m x 0.91m11,299.99
16ft x 50ft x 52in4.87m x  15.24m   x 1.32m12,999.99
16ft x 50ft x 60in4.87m x  15.24m x 1.52m13,999.99
16ft x 56ft x 52in5m x 7m x 1.32m11999.99
16ft x 60ft x 48in4.87m x 18.28m x 1.21m13,999.99
16ft x 75ft x 52in4.87m x  22.86m  x 1.32m15,999.99
16.4 ft x 49.21ft x 60in Legacy 10399.99
16.4 ft x 49.21ft x 72in Legacy 14,999.99
16.4 ft x 49.21ft x 84in Legacy 20999.99
16.4 ft x 49.21ft x 96in Legacy 23999.99
16.4 ft x 49.21ft x 60in Malibu 11999.99
16.4 ft x 49.21ft x 72in Malibu 169999.99
16.4 ft x 49.21ft x 84in Malibu 23999.99
16.4 ft x 49.21ft x 96in Malibu 25999.99
17ft x 52in Round5.18m x  1.32m Round3499.99
17ft x 22ft x 48in5.18m x  6.70m x 1.21m3999.99
17ft x 25ft x 30in5.18m x 7.62m 0.765199.99
17ft x 25ft x 48in5.18m x 7.62m x 1.21m5499.99
17ft x 29ft x 48in5.18m x 8.83m x 1.215,999.99
17ft x 29ft x 52in5.18m x 8.83 x 1.326,999.99
17ft x 29ft x 52in-84in5.18m x 8.83m x 1.32m-2.13m8,999.99
17ft x 29ft x 60in5.18m x 8.83m x 1.52m8599.99
17ft x 29ft x 60in 5.18m x 8.83m x 1.52m9199.99
17ft x 32ft x 48in5.18m x 9.75m x 1.21m6,899.99
17ft x 32ft x 60in5.18m x 9.75m x 1.52m7,849.99
17ft x 33ft x 78in5.18m x 10.5m x 1.98m14999.99
17ft x 37ft x 30in5.18m x 11.28m x 0.76m5,694.99
17ft x 48ft x 36in5.18m x 14.63m  x 0.96m7,469.99
17ft x 48ft x 52in5.18m x  14.63m x 1.32m7,999.99
17ft x 50ft x 60in5.18m x  15.24m x 1.52m9,599.99
 18ft x 28ft x 52in 35mil5.48m x 8.53m x 1.32m5,199.99
18ft x 28ft x 52in 50mil Sky Blue5.48m x 8.53m x 1.32m6,799.99
18ft x 30ft x 52in5.48m x  9.14m x 1.32m6,999.99
18ft x 30ft x 52in Alberca5.48m x 9.14m x 1.32m4,799.99
18ft x 30ft x 52in Malibu5.48m x 9.14m x 1.32m7,699.99
18ft x 30ft x 60in5.48m x  9.14m x 1.52m9,598.99
18ft x 33ft x 60in5.48m x 10.05m x 1.52m9,699.99
18ft x 30ft x 52in5.48m x  10.05m x 1.32m7999.99
18ft x 40ft x 60in5.48m x 12.19m x 1.52m9,999.99
18ft x 40ft x 96in5.48m x 12.19m x 2.4m25999.99
18ft x 44ft x 48in5.48m x 13.41m x 1.21m9799.99
18ft x 45ft x 52in 9999.99
18ft x 50ft x 48in5.48m x 15.24m x 1.21m10,999.99
18ft x 75ft x 30in5.48m x  22.86m x 0.76m11,299.99
18ft x 82ft x 52in5.48m x  25.00m x 1.32m12,499.99
18ft x 100 x 24in5.48m x  30.4m x  0.60m12,999.99

Legacy pools can have any look you want. Want to keep the natural feel of your yard? NO WORRIES!


19ft x 41ft x 52in5.79m x 12.49m x 1.327,499.99
20ft x 14in Round Legacy Pool6.09 x 0.32m3999.99
20ft x 48in Round Legacy6.09m x 1.22m4,299.99
20ft x 72in Round6.09m  x 1.82m Round9,099.99
20ft x 168in (14ft deep!) Round Pool6.09 x 4.2m17,299.99
20ft x 20ft x 20in6.09m x 6.09m x 0.5m4799.99
20ft x 20ft  x 24in in Octagon6.09m x x 6.09m 0.60m6,926.99
20ft x 20ft x 72in Legacy6.09m x 6.09m 1.56m10499.99
20ft x 20ft x 72in Malibu6.09m x 6.09m 1.56m11499.99
20ft x 28ft x 52in With a 6x 12 104″ Hopper6.09m x 8.53m x 1.32m (2.64m)9999.99
20ft x 30ft x 16in Legacy 6.09m x 9.14m x 0.4m6499.99
20ft x 30ft x 16in Malibu  6.09m x 9.14m x 0.4m6599.99
20ft x 30ft x 25in6.09m x 9.14m x 0.62m6499.99
20ft x 30ft x 36in All White (In Stock)6.09m x 9.14m x 0.92m6999.99
20ft x 30ft x 96in Malibu6.09m x 9.14m x 2.43m21,499.99
20ft x 40ft x 24in Legacy6.09m x 12.19m 0.61m7199.99
20ft x 40ft x 30in Legacy6.09m x 12.19m 0.761m7299.99
20ft x 40ft x 36in Legacy6.09m x 12.19m 0.91m7999.99
20ft x 40ft x 24in Malibu6.09m x 12.19m 0.61m7999.99
20ft x 40ft x 30in Malibu6.09m x 12.19m 0.761m8299.99
20ft x 40ft x 36in Malibu6.09m x 12.19m 0.91m8499.99
20ft x 40ft x 52in6.09m x 12.19m x1.32m8,599.99
20ft x 40ft x 52in-84in Modified Slope6.09m x 12.19m x 1.32m-2.13m14,500.00
20ft x 40ft x 96in w/ 2 shallow ends at 48in6.10m x 12.19m x 2.44m w/ 1.22m15,397.99
20ft x 48ft x 48in6.07m x 14.63m x 1.22m8,999.99
20ft x 50ft x 526.09m x  15.24m x 1.32m9,999.99
20ft x 52ft x 52in6m x 16m x 1.32m10999.99
20ft x 60ft x 48in-84in  Legacy6.07m x 18.29m x 1.22m-2.13m18,149.99
20ft x 60ft x 48in-84in6.07m x 18.29m x 1.22m-2.13m19,776.99
20ft x 69ft x 52in6.09m x 21.03m x 1.32m12,999.99
20ft x 70ft x 48in6.09m x  21.33m x 1.21m14,999.99
20ft x 100ft x 52in6.09m x  30.4m x 1.32m19,999.99
21ft x52in Round6.40m x  1.32m Round3,599.99
21ft x 32ft x 52in6.40m x  9.75m x 1.32m6,999.99
21ft x 33ft x 60in6.40m x 10.05m x 1.32m7,899.99
21ft x 40ft x 52in Malibu6.40m x 12.19m x 1.32m8299.99
21ft x 41ft x 48in6.40m x  12.49m x 1.219,699.99
21ft x 41ft x 52in6.40m x  12.49m x 1.329,999.99
21ft x 41ft x 60in6.40m x  12.49m x 1.52m9,999.99
21ft x 41ft x 60in Malibu6.40m x 12.49m 1.52m10,999.99
21ft x 41ft x 84in Legacy 6.40m x 12.49m x 2.11m18,199.99
21ft x 42ft x 84in Malibu  6.40m x 12.49m x 2.11m20699.99
21ft x 48ft x 52in6.40m x 14.8m x 1.329999.99
21ft x 50ft x 30in6.40m x 15.24m x 0.76m9,999.99
21ft x 50ft x 30in  M6.40m x  15.24m x 0.76m10,999.99
21ft x 52ft x 52in5.40m x 16.00m x1.32m11,299.99
21ft x 56ft x 52in6.40m x 17.8m x 1.3212499.9
21ft x 61ft x 52in6.40m x  18.59m x 1.3213,999.99
24ft x 24ft x 52in Malibu7.31m x 7.31m x 1.32m6199.99
24ft x 40ft x 52in Malibu7.31m x 12.19m x 1.32m10,399.99
24ft x 75ft x 48in7.31m x 22.86m x 1.2113,999.99
24ft x 75ft x 52in7.31m x  22.86m x 1.3214,799.99
24ft x 80ft x 52in7.31m x  24.38m x 1.3218,999.99
24ft x 82ft x 52in Legacy7.31m x  25.00m x 1.32m14,999.99
24ft x 82ft x 52in Malibu7.31m x  25.00m x 1.32m16,499.99
25ft x 72in Round7.62m x 1.82m9,999.99
25ft x 25ft  x 24in Octagon7.62m x 7.62m x 0.60m6,932.99
25ft x 25ft  x 42in Octagon7.62m x 7.62m x 0.60m7,985.99
25ft x 30ft x 30in7.62m x 9.14m x 0.76m7,999.99
25ft x 40ft x 60in7.62m x 12.19m x 1.52m8,824.99
25ft x 45ftx 60in7.62m x 13.9m x 1.52m10.999.99
25ft x 48ft x 48in Legacy7.62m x 14.74m x 1.56m11299.99
25ft x 48ft x 48in Malibu7.62m x 14.74m x 1.56m11699.99
25ft x 48ft x 60in7.62m x 14.74m x 1.56m13999.99
25ft x 50ft x 48in7.62m x  15.24m x 1.32m12,999.99
25ft x 50ft x 60in7.62m x  15.24m x 1.52m14,999.99
25ft x 82ft x 52in7.62m x  25.00m x 1.32m19,999.99
25ft x 82ft x 52in With 3 Lane Lines7.62m x 25.00m x 1.32m20,999.99
26ft x 32ft x 20in7.92m x 9.75m x 0.5m6499.99
28ft x 164ft x 60in8.53m x 50m x 1.52m 41999.99
28ft x 164ft x 72in8.53m x 50m x 1.88m 43999.99
30ft x 30ft x 16in 7399.99
30ft x 30ft x 48in Legacy 50mil sky blue Liner9.14m x 9.14m x 1.22m10,304.99
30ft x 72in Round9.14m x 1.82m12,499.99
30ft x 30ft x 24in9.14m x 9.14m x 0.60m5899.99
30ft x 30ft x 30in9.14 x 9.14 x 0.76m5999.99
30ft x 30ft x 48in Legacy w/ 50mil sky blue liner9.14m x 9.14m x 1.21m10,304.99
30ft x 30ft x 52in9.14m x 9.14m x 1.32m6299.99
30ft x 40ft x 52in-84in Modified Slope Legacy9.14m x 12.19m x 1.32m-2.13m17,999.99
30ft x 50ft x 24in9.14m x  15.24m x 0.60m9,999.99
30ft x 50ft x 52in  L9.14m x 15.24m x 1.32m11,499.99
30ft x 50ft x 52in M9.14m x 15.24m x 1.32m13,799.99
30ft x 54in Round9.14m x 16.45m7,299.99
30ft x 60in Round9.14m x 1.37m Round7,599.99
30ft x 40ft x 30in9.14m x 12.199,999.99
30ft x 45ft x 529.1 x 13.9m x 1.3211,299.99
30ft x 45ft x 52m9.1 x 13.9m x 1.3213,199.99
30ft x 60ft x 24in9.14m x 18.28 x 0.60m10,999.99
30ft x 60ft x 52in9.14m x  18.28m x 1.32m12,499.99
30ft x 60ft x 96in9.14m x 18.28m x 2.4m49999.99
30ft x 75ft x 48in9.14m x  22.86m x 1.2114,999.99
30ft x 75ft x 52in9.14m x  22.86m x1.3215,999.99
30ft x 75ft x 60in9.14m x  22.86m x 1.52m16,999.99
30ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 2 lane lines9.14m x 22.86m x 1.52m20,235.99
30ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 4 lane lines9.14m x 22.86m x 1.52m21,160.99
30ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 6 lane lines9.14m x 22.86m x 1.52m22,080.99
30ft x 80ft x 48in9.14m x 24.38m x 1.21m15,399.99
30ft x 80ft x 52in9.14m x  24.38m x 1.32m16,999.99

Our pools are so universal, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a portable pool. This one even has under liner steps adding an elegant look.



31ft x 54in Round9.44m x 1.34m x 1.32m5,999.99
32ft x 50ft x 52in9.75m x 15.24n x 1.3212,999.99
32ft x 65ft x 52in10m x 20m x 1.32m14,999.99
33ft x 78ft x 52in10m x 23.2m x 1.3214999.99
34ft x 42ft x 52in10m x 12.89m x 1.3212,689.99
34ft x 76ft x 52in10.30m x 23.2m x 1.3219,869.99
35ft x 75ft x48in10.66 x 22.86m x 1.21m18,499.99
35ft x 82ft x 60in10.66 x 25m x 1.52m24,999.99
40ft x 40ft x 60in12.19m x 12.19m x 1.5213,999.99
40ft x 45ft x 52in12.19m x  13.71m x 1.32m13999.99
40ft x 50ft x 52in12.19m x  15.42m x 1.32m14499.99
40ft x 55ft x 52in12.19m x 16.76m 1.32m14,999.99
40ft x 60ft x 52in12.19m x 18.28m x 1.3215,499.99
40ft x 70ft x 52in12.19m x  21.33m x 1.32m17,299.99
40ft x 80ft x 42in12.19m x 24.38m x 1.06m19,299.99
40ft x 80ft x 52in12.19m x 24.38m x 1.3219,999.99
40ft x 80ft x 52in   M12.19m x  24.38m x 1.3221,999.99
40ft x 100ft x 52in12.19m x 30.40m x 1.3225,999.99
40ft x 100ft x 60in12.19m x  30.40m x 1.5427,999.99
40ft x 100ft x 60in M12.19m x 30.40m x 1.52m29,999.99
42ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 2 lane lines12.80m x 22.86m x 1.52m23,750.99
42ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 4 lane lines12.80m x 22.86m x 1.52m24,760.99
42ft x 75ft x 60in Legacy w/ 6 lane lines12.80m x 22.86m x 1.52m24,845.99
44ft x 43ft x 48in13.41m x 13.10m x 1.2114,999.99
44ft x 72in Round13.41m x  1.82m Round16,999.99
44ft x 48ft x 52in13.41m x 14.63 x 1.32m15,999.99
45ft x 72ft x 52in13.71m x 21.94m 1.32m17,499.99
45ft x 72ft x 52in M13.71m x 21.94m 1.32m18,999.99
45ft x 90ft x 48in M13.71m x 27.43m x 1.2120,499.99
45ft x 90ft x 52in M13.71m x 27.43m x 1.2120,999.99
48ft x 160ft x 24in14.63m x  24.38m 0.60m39,999.99
48ft x 160ft x 24in Industrial14.63 x 24.38m x 0.6044,999.99
50 x 70ft x 52in15.24m x21,999.99
50ft x 75ft x 60in15.24m x 22.86m x 1.52m29,999.99
50ft x 75ft x 72in15.24m x 22.86m x1.88m38,299.99
50ft x 90ft x 5215.24m x 27.43m x 1.32m28999.99
50ft x 100ft x 30in15.24m x 30.40m x 0.72m29,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 48in15.24m x 30.40m x 1.21m29,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 48in M15.24m x 30.40m x 1.21m37,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 52in15.24m x 30.40m x 1.32m27,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 52in M15.24m x 30.40m x 1.32m33,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 54in15.24m x 30.40m x 1.34m38,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 62in15.24m x 30.40m x 1.57m43,999.99
50ft x 100ft x 62in M15.24m x 30.40m x 1.57m45,999.99
50ft x 164ft x 48in15.24m x 50m x 1.2m43,299.99
50ft x 164ft x 48in Malibu15.24m x 50m x 1.2m47,299.99
56ft x 75ft x 5217.06m x 22.86m 1.32m23999.99
64ft x 83ft x 60in19.5m x 25.29m x 1.32m28999.99
70ft x 180ft x 52in

21.33m x 54.86m x 1.32m62999.99
70ft x 180ft x 52in

21.33m x 54.86m x 1.32m66999.99
75ft x 20ft x 60in with 2 lane lines22.86m x 6.09m x 1.52m10,499.99
75ft x 110ft x 78in 113,999.99
80ft x 85ft x 52in24.38m x 25.90m 1.32m46,399.99
80ft x 85ft x 60in24.38m x  25.90 x 1.52m48,399.99
80ft x 230ft x 52in24.38m x 70.10m x 1.32m99,999.99
82ft x 108ft x 52in24.38m x 32.91m x 1.32m54999.99
80ft x 110ft x 52in24.38m x 33.44m x 1.32m58,999.99
80ft x 130ft x 52in24.38m x  40.45m x 1.32m61,799.99
80ft x 130ft x 52in M24.38m x 40.45m x 1.32m63,999.99
 82ft x 115ft x 94in 25m x 35m x 2.4m125,999.99
82ft  x 164ft x 52in25m x 50m x 1.32m76,999.99
82ft x 164ft x 119in25m x 50m x 3m245,999.99
82ft x 164ft x 78in25m x 50m x 2m181,000.00
85 x 200 x 72in25.9m x 60.96m x 1.82m186,999.99
92ft x 92ft x 52in Octahedron29.26m x 29.26m x 2.18m117,999.99
98ft x 229ft x32in 96,999.99
100ft x 60in Round30.40m x 1.52m Round46,899.99
100ft x 72in Round30.40m x 1.82m Round55,499.99
110ft x 60″ Round24.38m x 1.52m68,999.99
180ft x 230ft x 52in 189,999.99
200ft x 500ft x 52in 399,999.99
12ft x 500ft  Serpentine Pool 139,999.99
360ft x 400ft x 60in  497.999.99

Any Size, Any Depth Any Shape Pool…..We can do it! Big Pools, Small Pools, Short Pools, Deep Pools.Choose from Over 200 sizes depth and shapes of these special Legacy Odyssey Pools or design your own and we will make it for you. Our crack engineers and designers can do almost anything. Currently our Maximum Size Is 180ft x 230 ft and Our Maximum Depth is 8 feet. But we are always engineering new ways to expand those horizons. So choose your size from the list below, or choose your own size and we will make it for you.

Legacy Odyssey Custom Made Pools Quality


20,24,30,36,42,48,52 or anything up to 96 inches deep

Strongest Frame in the industry, never fails

Toughest available with “bullet proof” like material

Self Healing Liner

Hard Cornered frame Braces for Durability

Galvanized Steel Frame that is hot dipped, zinc plated, powder coated and the best in the industry

Tough Polyester Scrim that’s woven to repel all sharp objects

Totally Custom Made by the best maker in the industry, not some guy in his garage.

New Design Option”The Hopper Bottom” Pools with a deep end

Comes with:

A Frame Ladder

Filter Pump Combo




If you don’t see the size you like listed, we can make it!

 Custom Made Pools





*NO REFUNDS OR CREDIT on special ordered or custom sized; Be sure of your order prior to payment.


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