Above Ground Pools Industries

We are the ONLY pool manufacturer/dealer who has 50 mil and 60 mil thick liners as well as the standard 35 mil thickness in any size or shape in our Legacy Pools… The Original Portable Pool


Soft Sided Portable Pools

Portable Soft Sided Pools
 Starting At $1999.99 -The newest technology pool. Stronger, more durable and MUCH easier to set up than the old steel steel style

Above Ground Pools

Steel Above Ground Pools
Pools Starting At $999.99 –  for those who want the older style pools.  We still offer these as well.  Requires a little more effort.

Custom Made Pools

Custom Made Portable Pools

We can make any size, shape, depth of pool you want at no extra cost Just tell us what you want and we will do it.

Specialty Pools

Specialty Use Pools

Pools are for more than backyards these days, they are used in many personal, commercial and entertainment applications

Above Ground Pools For Australia and New Zealand

Australia/New Zealand Pools
 We have special pools at special prices just for you, an our logistics team can have it too you in just a couple of weeks, so order now. We are  international experts

Dock Dog Pools

Dog Dock Pools
Athletic Dogs soaring into the air, reach stretching and then with what sure likes like a smile, the splash occurs and water flies every where. Let your dog fly with dock dog pools

Dog Daycare Pools

Dog Daycare Pools
Same  Great Legacy Pool As Home use, just bigger filters and cleaners For MULTIPLE dogs, as many as you can fit in the pool. plus complete dog packages to fit your needs

Family Dog Pools

Family Dog Pools
When you want the best for your family and dogs. Legacy pool can stand up to all sizes of dogs. Even the biggest Rottweiler or the littlest poodle we got you covered.

Swim School Pools

Swim School Pools
We have a long history of provide the necessary swim school pools, to swim clubs, swim schools and public schools all over the nation and  the world.

Movie And TV Pools

Movie And TV Pools
Our pools have been featured in some of the movies & TV series that you might recognize, Life Of Pi, Bones, and Criminal Minds just to name a few.

Special Shape And Size Pools

Special Shape & Size Pools
We can make ovals, rectangles, rounds, race track pools, doughnut shaped pools and many more styles! If you can think it we can make it!

Small Bar

Pools That Grow With Your Family

Small Bar

Pools That Grow With Your Family
We can install extra inlets and outlets with any Legacy pool. With Multiple Depths 24″ 32′ 36′ 42′ 48″ or any depth you can imagine

Exercise Pools

Exercise Pools
We offer several choices in Exercise Pools.  Get all the exercise you need with our reveloutionary swim system that costs much less than endless pool style exercise pools 

Aqua Therapy Pools

Aqua-Therapy Pools
When you are looking for a top quality aqua-therapy pools you can relax in confidence knowing you have the best available from Legacy pools.

Yellow Stone Swim Spas

Spastore Swim Spas
Starting @ $24,999.99 This combination exercise pool and hot tub can meet all your needs at the same time, Work out or relax its up to you.

Legacy Swim Spas 
Starting @$9999.99 Both an exercise pool and a therapy pool in one. A small heated section will ease your aches and then exercise all you want

Water Park Pools

Water Park Pools
You too could own a water park. This set up made more than one million dollars in the first week. You can too, just ask us about it.

Pyramid Pool

Pyramid Pool Decks
A pool and a deck all in one. With pyramid pool decks you not only have a great pool, but it looks great too. All at one easy price. Ready to buy

Above Ground Pools With Decks

Pool And Deck Kits
Most pool decks are custom made by the owner or a contractor out of various materials, and deck kits are non corrosive aluminum

Horse Training PoolsHorse Training Pools
Whether you are just exercising or training your horses for the big race our pool bottoms are strong enough to handle it. 

Manta Ray Pools
Our pools have been used to house sea turtles, dolphins, even manatee’s. Legacy portable pools are the perfect answer for temporary or permanent sea life habitats.

Deep End PoolsDeep End Pools
From simple designs to the most complicated drawings. We can make any depth pool! WSe can also make it wityh a slope or a straight drop. Holes must be carefully dug to spec.

Dog Leg Pool

L Shaped Pools
In our attempt to make ever interesting shapes and sizes of portable above ground pool we introduce The Dog Leg Pools. The pools are custom made any size or depth you like.


Ovalineal Pools
For the yard that a round pool or a rectangle pool just won’t work. We have the solution. Get both oval and a rectangle pool all in one pool? Sure! We can make anything!

Big Pools

Big Pools
We are talking Big, Large, Massive Portable Pools Up to 230ft long…Yes we can do it to your exact specifications. whatever your needs, what ever the purpose.

Small Pools

Small Pools
We can make any size pools, even small portable pools. we specialize in making the pool you want. You don’t have to settle for anything any more.

Deep Pools

Deep Pools
These scuba diving training pools move where you need them. They are great for demonstrations and exhibits as well as the full immersion

Really Deep Pools

Really Deep Pools
Yes we said deep…up to 20ft deep, for special applications like movie shoots and displays. We are here for you and your needs. Just tell us what you want.

Lion Tested Pools

Lion Tested Pools
This was a test of the many uses of our pools. Our pools passed with flying colors. Just another example of just how strong our pools are. Just ask Olla The Lion!

Baptism Pools

Baptism Pools
We carry and or can make any small pool you need for your baptism services, they set up and take down with ease and don’t require a lot of water or  too much energy to heat.

Scientific Testing Pools
Our Legacy pools can stand up to just about anything you can throw at them and they are completely sealed so as to not add unexpected variables to your test.

Who Buys From Us

Who Buys From Us?
We have sold pools to thousands of families and a few other people as well. Like the folks at Universal Studios, The U.S. Navy, Theme Parks, and many other events just to name a few.



 The Best Manufacturer of Above Ground Pools And Portable Pools

 We have more choices in above ground pools than anyone else on the internet or in the world, and if you don’t see what you want, we can make it for you! Just ask! We can also ship pools anywhere in the world and on time! Your pool, your way, when you want it, we can do it for you. Welcome to the super power of above ground pools manufacturers! Some pool companies can do a little bit of this or that… but we can do EVERYTHING! Above Ground Pools By Legacy Pools are the finest, strongest, most durable, problem free swimming pools in the world. Since we are the manufacturer of these pools as well as the retailer we have the ability to make any pool you like. In any size, any depth up to 8ft deep and just about any shape. So whether you are looking for a backyard pool for your family or an Olympic size pool, we are your source. No matter the size or purpose of the pool you are looking for you will find that Legacy above ground pools will fit your need. The advanced technology of these pools means no more replacing liners, no more paying someone thousands of dollars to install a pool, and if you have to move, the pool can move with you. It can be a temporary feature of your backyard that can be taken down in the fall, or a permanent feature that can stay up all year, even in freezing temperatures. We Can Do That!…Yes We Can!” And The List is growing! Above Ground Pools Experts

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